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Most property owners forget that a roof is exposed to literally everything under the sun.  As result, when mother nature sends some hail, your roof is the first to get impacted.  Often commercial HVAC and rooftop systems fail months after the hail or storm damage impacted them.

Be Proactive: Request a Commercial HVAC Site Survey for Hail Damage

A business interruption is common when your commercial HVAC system goes down.  Income loss from closing your business facility is usually not an option.  If a hailstorm comes through your area, it makes sense to be proactive by requesting a no-obligation commercial HVAC site survey for hail damage.  Ideally, if Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling can identify hail damage before your system fails, we can help minimize any disruption to your business and often sidestep it, saving you lots of money.

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Does My Insurance Cover Commercial HVAC Hail Damage?

Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling provide no-obligation hail damage site surveys to help you answer this question.  Using the pyramid infographic pictured to the left, you can see a hierarchy of escalation, ranging from minor repairs not covered by insurance to replace your commercial HVAC system which can be eligible for submitting an insurance claim.  Starting from the bottom of the pyramid pictured to the left, cleaning and combing the condenser coils are usually deferred maintenance expense and not covered by insurance.  However, replacing condenser coils are often covered by insurance.  See the list below.

  • If the coil is dirty, we recommend it be cleaned with a hose or have it serviced. (Not included in a claim)

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    We proudly install Trane® 3-to-25-Ton Rooftop Units, from Ultra-High Efficiency rooftop units with eFlex™ Technology to reliable standard efficiency rooftop units.

  • Combing the condenser coil if it has minor damage. ($250.00-$450.00)
  • Replace the condenser coil if the part is available.
  • Replace the outdoor unit if the unit coil is not available (R410A systems only)
  • If the part is not available and the system uses R22 we must replace the outdoor unit and the indoor coil. (Full AC replacement or RTU replacement).

Schedule a No Obligation Hail Damage Site Survey Today at 763-565-2121. 



4 Things We Look for on a Hail Damage Site Survey for Commercial HVAC

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