Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements

Our preventive maintenance service agreements for commercial HVAC systems and rooftop units were designed in collaboration with our customers.  In addition to preventing commercial HVAC breakdowns and costly emergency RTU repairs, commercial property managers, commercial real estate owners, business owners, and facility managers are also looking for opportunities to reduce ever-increasing utility costs.

Save More in Energy Costs than you Pay for Preventative Maintenance

Roof Top Units Maple Grove, Rooftop Units Maple Grove, Roof Top Units, Rooftop Units, ac repair, ac repair Maple Grove, HVAC Rooftop Unit Maple Grove, HVAC Rooftop UnitUtility costs are one of the things that “maintenance only” service agreements don’t address.  For most businesses, the largest utility expense is normally the cost of providing air conditioning and heating.

With our preventative maintenance service agreements, utility expenses can easily be reduced by 5% and it is not surprising to decrease them by as much as 20%.  We work diligently to eliminate energy waste to ensure your commercial HVAC unit or rooftop unit is operating at peak efficiency.  As a result, Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling can help you prevent commercial HVAC breakdowns and costly emergency RTU repairs while increasing your cash flow and property value by reducing your utility costs and energy expenses.  Our preventative maintenance service agreement enables you to save while investing in it.

We Repair All Brands But Proudly Install Trane® Rooftop Units.  Backed by One the Strongest Warranties in the Industry!

Types of Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements


  • Heating 17-point Inspection/Tune-up/Cleaning (Fall).
  • Cooling 15-point Inspection/Tune-up/ Cleaning (Spring).
  • Quarterly filter changes (Optional).
  • Priority service.
  • Belts replaced as needed.
  • Discounted hourly rate on all services and repairs.
  • Detailed record keeping.
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17-Point Fall Commercial HVAC Tune-Up


  1. Check thermostat operation.
  2. Clean burners, and flame sensor.
  3. Inspect the heat exchanger.
  4. Check blower motor amperage, and bearings and replace belts if needed.
  5. Check inducer motor amperage.
  6. Lubricate all motor bearings.
  7. Inspect the flue pipe.
  8. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
  9. Test and adjust safety controls.
  10. Test and adjust operational controls.
  11. Monitor for combustion leaks.
  12. Test gas valve operation.
  13. Check all wiring connections.
  14. Adjust the burner for maximum efficiency.
  15. Test temperature rise.
  16. Carbon Monoxide check.
  17. Inform the client of equipment operation.

15-Point Spring Commercial HVAC Tune-Up


  1. Check thermostat operation.
  2. Check blower motor amperage and bearings.
  3. Check and Clear the condensate drain to protect against overflow.
  4. Install gauges, and record operating pressures and temperatures. When problems arise.
  5. Check condenser fan motor amperage and bearings.
  6. Check compressor amperage.
  7. Check condenser coil/water is clean.
  8. Lubricate motor bearings.
  9. Check the economizer for proper operation.
  10. Inspect compressor contactor for pitting or burning.
  11. Check the contactor electrically.
  12. Inspect run and start capacitors for leaks or bulges.
  13. Check connections on all wires.
  14. Test “Temperature drop” to make sure A/C is cooling properly.
  15. Inform the client of the equipment’s condition.

Request a Semi-Annual or Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Consultation

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For a no-obligation preventative maintenance consultation for your commercial HVAC system or rooftop units, contact Donovan today at Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling at 763-234-9280.  Don’t forget to ask about Commercial HVAC grants and rebates if you need to replace your RTU or Commercial HVAC system.

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