Roof Top Units Maple Grove, Rooftop Units Maple Grove, Roof Top Units, Rooftop Units, ac repair, ac repair Maple Grove, HVAC Rooftop Unit Maple Grove, HVAC Rooftop UnitHow Commercial HVAC Grants Work?

Depending on your utility company and the type of equipment you are replacing, there are grant money and rebates available for upgrading your commercial HVAC system to high-efficiency equipment and/or advanced systems.  For example, in 2022, commercial grant money and rebates consistently averaged between $3000 and $4000.  However, some of our customers were awarded over $10,000 in commercial grant money and rebates in 2022.  Commercial HVAC grants and rebate awards are not guaranteed. *  Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Funding is limited.

Seeing is Believing

Actual Commercial HVAC Grants Awarded in 2022


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We proudly install Trane® 3-to-25-Ton Rooftop Units, from Ultra-High Efficiency rooftop units with eFlex™ Technology to reliable standard efficiency rooftop units.

Eligible Businesses and Projects

Energy projects which qualify for an Xcel Energy or CenterPoint Energy natural gas prescriptive or pre-approved custom rebate are eligible. Project examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Commercial HVAC and HVAC pipe insulation
  • High-efficiency forced-air furnace (≥ 92% AFUE)
  • High-efficiency natural gas water heater
  • Boiler Tune-ups
  • Installation of new high-efficiency boiler/boiler system components

Applicants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is an Xcel Energy or CenterPoint Energy commercial or industrial customer.

Get Started Today: Apply for Commercial HVAC Grant and RebatesCommercial Furnace Maple Grove, Commercial Furnace Repair Maple Grove, Commercial Furnace, Commercial Furnace Repair, ac repair, ac repair Maple Grove

  1. First, contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling at 763-565-2121.  Set up a site survey to identify grant and rebate opportunities and confirm your eligibility.
  2. Next, Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling will provide you with solutions and options using grants and rebates to leverage upgrading and replacing your current HVAC system with high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment and/or advanced systems.
  3. Lastly, Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling will apply for the grant and rebate on your behalf and provide you with a proposal.

We will work diligently to provide a quick turnaround time.