Did you know that the air in your home circulates through the air ducts of your HVAC system five to seven times per day?

Each time the air circulates, it carries with it the dust, mold, and other harmful particles that are lurking inside your air ducts. Over time this buildup of debris can aggravate health conditions and cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently, costing you money in higher energy bills.

At Comfort Solutions we use a Rotobrush to mechanically clean the duct. The Rotobrush method ensures your ducts are clean, free of obstructions, debris, and harmful particles. Call us today at 763-565-2121 or email info@comfortsolutionstc.com to schedule a duct cleaning appointment.


How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts:

Homeowners should consider cleaning their ducts every two to five years to maintain healthy indoor air quality and to keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

How long has it been since your last duct cleaning?

Below are six common signs that your ducts need to be cleaned.


Signs You Need to Clean Your Ducts:


1. Noticeable Mold Growth

When mold builds up in your ducts, it can cause harmful effects to your family, especially those suffering from asthma and allergies. Check your ducts and other components of your HVAC system for any signs of mold. Even a little bit of mold can mean that you have bigger issues with your duct system.


2. Evidence of Rodents or Insects

If you suspect your house has a rodent or insect problem, checking your vents for signs of vermin is essential. Rodents and insects making their home in your ducts are leaving behind all sorts of waste, food, hair, and dander. Cleaning your vents will remove these harmful particles and let your family breathe easier.


3. Moisture Buildup

Over time your duct system can accumulate moisture. This is especially true in areas in your home with high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms. Moisture in your ducts can create the perfect environment for mold and fungus to grow.


4. Utility Bill Increase

If you notice that your power bill has increased suddenly, you may be paying the price for clogged ducts. By keeping your duct system clear of dust, mold, and debris, your HVAC system can run efficiently, helping you secure a steady monthly power bill.


5. Duct Phantoms

When you listen to the airflow of your duct system, you should only hear the noise of the blower motor. If you are hearing a whistling sound or if the ducts seem overly noisy, you may have obstructions in your ducts.


6. Constricted Airflow

Open all vents in your house and compare the airflow in each room. If some rooms have better airflow than others, it means that you have obstructions. Duct cleaning will clear obstructions and return equal airflow to your home.



If you have noticed any of these tell tale signs, or you are overdue for a duct cleaning, Comfort Solutions is here to help. We are dedicated to quality service at an affordable price. Call us at 763-565-2121 or email info@comfortsolutionstc.com today to schedule your duct cleaning.